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914 Trophy is the sixth available event in the Evolution mode of Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. It is the first event in the Golden Era.

It is unlocked after the player completes the previous tournament - 911 Cup, which advances the in-game year to 1970, unlocking the Golden Era and allowing the player to purchase the Porsche 914 models.


  • Era: Golden
  • Year: 1970 to 1988
  • Difficulty: Advanced


  • Schwarzwald
  • Corsica


The 914 Trophy showcases the performance of Porsche's new entry into the modest cost car market. This tournament is for 914s only.


  • Entry fee: $3,500
  • Prize: $15,000
  • Additionally, the player will recieve a price after every completed leg, depending on their achieved place.


At first, only the 1970 Porsche 914/4 (1970) can be used. Upon first completing the tournament, it can be replayed with other 914 models.

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