The Acura RSX Type-S is a sports coupe manufactured by Acura in North America. It was initially purchasable with a 200 bhp 2.0L inline-four engine. In 2005, the engine received a slightly higher power output.

Need for Speed: Underground

The RSX Type-S appears in Need for Speed: Underground, and is unlocked upon completing Underground Mode challenge 46.

It has great handling and strong acceleration which can be useful for quick corner exits.

The Eastriders member Kurt is seen driving a white Acura RSX, but is later swapped with a Mazda RX-7.

Need for Speed: Underground 2

The RSX Type-S only appears in the North American release of Need for Speed: Underground 2., and is unlocked during stage three of the career mode.

It is one of the fastest accelerating cars with equally impressive handling.

Stock 0-60 mph: 6.51 s 0-100 mph: 17.35 s Top Speed: 145.0 mph (233 km/h) Torque: 141.6 ft-lbs Power: 200.2 bhp
Fully Upgraded 0-60 mph: 3.36 s 0-100 mph: 8.01 s Top Speed: 216.0 mph (348 km/h) Torque: 294.1 ft-lbs Power: 471.8 bhp

Need for Speed (2015)

The RSX-S appears in Need for Speed (2015), and can be purchased for NFS2015CreditsIcon12,200.

Stock 0-60 mph: 07.96 s 1/4 mile: 16.16 s @ 91 mph (146 km/h) Top Speed: 134 mph (216 km/h) Power: 158 hp
Fully Upgraded 0-60 mph: 02.36 s 1/4 mile: 09.26 s @ 163 mph (262 km/h) Top Speed: 233 mph (375 km/h) Power: 893 hp

Need for Speed: Payback

The RSX-S appears in Need for Speed: Payback following its reveal on the official Need for Speed website[1] on October 25, 2017.


It is unlocked for purchase from the off-road and race class dealerships upon completing chapter 1 - Ignition.
NFSPB AcuraRSXS Garage LV114
NFSPB Dealership NA IconNFSPB Dealership NA IconNFSPB Dealership Offroad IconNFSPB Dealership Race IconNFSPB Dealership NA IconNFSPB Dealership NA Icon
NFSPB BankYellow Icon 43,450
Complete chapter 1 - Ignition.
NFSPB StatIcon Speed LargeWhite Horsepower  200
Top Speed  144
NFSPB StatIcon Accel LargeWhite 0 - 60  6.80
1/4 Mile  15.23
NFSPB StatIcon Nitro LargeWhite N2O Power  3.6
N2O Duration  3.6
NFSPB StatIcon Air LargeWhite Airtime  3.8
Landing  4.4
NFSPB StatIcon Brakes LargeWhite Response  2.4
Power  1.7



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