Amy is a character that appears in Need for Speed (2015). She works as a mechanic for Travis' crew.

Need for Speed (2015)

Being eager to have her work and shop noticed by the Build Icon Nakai-san, she gives the player Build Missions that occasionally require them to upgrade their vehicle, sometimes with specific performance parts that are only unlockable through her missions.

Amy first appears in the last mission of the title's prologue, where the player enters her garage. The player is given full access to her garage, on condition that they will "put the tools back" every time.

Amy also makes an appearance in story missions by other members of Travis' crew.

She also appears to be fluent in Japanese, able to translate one of Nakai-san's video presentations and later saying that Nakai-san labelled Amy, Spike, Robyn, Manu, Travis and the player as the "next generation".


Amy drives a Nissan 180SX Type-X.


  • Amy's Bl@h username is @AmyUnderTheHood.