Bentley is a British grand tourer car manufacturer owned by Volkswagen and founded in 1919.

It used to be owned by Rolls-Royce before its acquisition by Volkswagen. During that time, Bentleys were seen as cheap Rolls-Royce cars by many car fans. Today Bentleys are popular among celebrities around the world.


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Bentayga NFSMW2012CarIcon
Continental GT V8 NFSMW2012CarIcon 2012 - present 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 500 bhp 660 lb⋅ft 4.6 secs. 188 mph 8-speed FA 2295 kg
Continental Supersports NFSMW2012CarIcon 2009 - 2011 6.0L Twin-Turbo W12 621 bhp 590 lb⋅ft 3.7 secs. 204 mph 6-speed FA 2240 kg
Continental SS Convertible NFSMW2012CarIcon 2010 6.0L Twin-Turbo W12 621 bhp 590 lb⋅ft 3.9 secs. 202 mph 6-speed FA 2395 kg
Continental SS ISR Convertible NFSMW2012CarIcon 2012 6.0L Twin-Turbo W12 631 bhp 590 lb⋅ft 4.0 secs. 204 mph 6-speed FA 2430 kg