A Canyon Duel is an event type seen in Need for Speed: Carbon.

Canyon Duels take place along the canyon routes surrounding Palmont City. The first phase of the event starts with the player tailing their opponent at the start of the canyon route. The player will have to stay behind their opponent throughout the event in order to earn points, with more points being awarded the closer they are to their opponent. The player can automatically win if they pass their opponent and stay ahead for 10 seconds.

Both participants begin again at the beginning upon completing the first phase. The opponent will tail the player in the second phase. The player loses points as their opponent stays in close range of their vehicle. The player will lose the event if their opponent passes and stays ahead of them for 10 seconds.

The player wins if they have more points than their opponent or pull away from them. The player can also lose if they crash through a yellow barrier and fall off the canyon edge. The player will also lose if they are unable to keep up with their opponent.

Career Events

  • Downtown (Kenji) - Journeyman's Bane, Lookout Point
  • Fortuna (Wolf) - Deadfall Junction, Gold Valley Run
  • Kempton (Angie) - Desperation Ridge, Copper Ridge
  • Silverton (Darius) - Eternity Pass


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCIconCanyon Copper Ridge East Canyon 2.4 mi 3.8 km
NFSCIconCanyon Deadfall Junction Carbon Canyon 4.4 mi 7.1 km
NFSCIconCanyon Desperation Ridge Carbon Canyon 4.5 mi 7.2 km
NFSCIconCanyon Devil's Creek Pass East Canyon 2.5 mi 4.0 km
NFSCIconCanyon Eternity Pass Carbon Canyon 3.1 mi 5.0 km
NFSCIconCanyon Gold Valley Run West Canyon 3.2 mi 5.1 km
NFSCIconCanyon Journeyman's Bane West Canyon 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconCanyon Knife's Edge East Canyon 2.4 mi 3.8 km
NFSCIconCanyon Lofty Heights Downhill West Canyon 2.5 mi 4.0 km
NFSCIconCanyon Lookout Point East Canyon 2.5 mi 4.0 km


  • Ramming an opponent will deduct 5,000 points from the player in the first phase.
  • Being rammed by an opponent in the second phase will add 5,000 points for the player.
  • Nitrous and Speedbreaker are not available during Canyon Duels.
  • Players that lose all of their points during the second stage of a duel will automatically lose the event.
  • It is possible for the player to knock their opponent off of the canyon route.