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Showcases were only featured in the first five Need for Speed titles. In showcases players can find general stats, performance, technical and historical information about a vehicle. There were also 360° interior views, videos and a slideshow of the vehicle in real life.

Hot Pursuit (2010) doesn't feature showcases but does feature a commentator which narrates information about a vehicle the player has selected.

The Need for Speed

General stats, performance, technical and historical informations about cars were already included in this game. For each category a commentator will give the player more in-depth information relating to a vehicle. Every car also has a short presentation video.

Need for Speed II

Showcases in Need for Speed II are similar to those seen in The Need for Speed. Slideshows were added. Videos were also included in NFS II although not every car had a video.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit uses the same showcase style as its predecessors. Videos were no longer made available but 360° interior views for any car were added.

Need for Speed: High Stakes

Showcases were the same as in Hot Pursuit. The commentator however only talks in the slideshow mode.

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Showcases can only be accessed from the Porsche showroom when buying cars. The showcases show general stats, performance and technical information but there is no commentator or any interior views.