Challenge: Willow Springs is a Challenge Weekend race day event available only in the Collector's Edition Upgrade for Need for Speed: ProStreet.

The event takes place at Willow Springs and is hosted by the Battle Machine organisation. The Challenge Weekend is unlocked upon Ryan Cooper dominating the Battle Machine Portland International Raceway II event.

The Challenge Weekend restricts all participants to driving only vehicles provided by the Battle Machine organisation.

Completing a race at this race day event will award $2,000 for a 3rd place finish, $3,000 for a 2nd place finish and $5,000 for a 1st place finish.

Dominating the event will reward Ryan Cooper with $12,500 and the choice of leaving with either a tuned Chevrolet Chevelle SS or Lexus IS350.


Challenge: Willow Springs has a total of seven available events; two Sector Shootouts, two Time Attacks, two Mile Drags, and a Drift.

Event Type Course Duration Target Time NFSPSStarIcon Holder
NFSPSGripIcon Sector Shootout Horse Thief Mile 3 Laps 7,710 JP Laurent
NFSPSGripIcon Sector Shootout GP Circuit 3 Laps 7,770 Rudy Chen
NFSPSGripIcon Time Attack Horse Thief Mile Reverse 3 Laps 8,080 Henrik Dehn
NFSPSGripIcon Time Attack GP Circuit Reverse 3 Laps 7,970 Ray Krieger
NFSPSDragIcon 1/4 Mile Drag 1/4 Mile Drag 3 Heats 8,340 Craig Wright
NFSPSDragIcon 1/4 Mile Drag 1/4 Mile Drag 3 Heats 8,380 Karol Monroe
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course B 3 Heats 7,710 Aki Kimura


Image Make Blueprint Specifications
NFSPSChevroletChevelleSSDrag ChevroletSmallMain
NFSPSChevroletChevelleSSDrift ChevroletSmallMain
NFSPSLexusIS350Drag LexusSmallMain
NFSPSLexusIS350Speed LexusSmallMain