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Tri-City Bay Police Agent Chase Linh is one of the main characters in Need for Speed: Undercover.

She is a constant motivator towards the player as she always assigning them to take down a ruthless smuggling syndicate in exchange. Linh appears frequently throughout the career mode and will provide Job missions regarding the player's entry into the criminal underworld.

A turning point near the end of the career mode reveals Linh as a corrupt police officer. She and other officers flee while the player and Lt. Jack M. Keller chase after her. Linh is arrested at the end of the career mode.

Linh's FBI File

  • Name: Chase Linh
  • Rank: Special Agent
  • Date of birth: December 19, 1976
  • Clearence: "Bravo" Classified
  • Status: Active/Solo
  • Current OP: "Alpha" Classified clearance needed
  • Associated partners: Interpol, CSIS, MI5, CIA, DEA
  • Commendations:
    • 3x Letter of Commendation
    • FBI Shield of Bravery
    • FBI Medal for Meritorious Achievement
  • Violations & Internal issues:
    • Striking a superior field officer
    • Exceeding operational parameters
    • Over-utilizing agency field resources
    • Distrupting/ignoring established professional courtesies with regional authorities
  • Skills:
    • Marksmanship level - Gold
    • Interrogation level - High
    • Counterterrorism
    • Crisis negotiation
    • International relations/studies
    • Unarmed combat
    • Defensive/Pursuit/Swift driving skills


She is played by actress Maggie Q.


  • Wheelman Level 7.0 - Palm Harbor (The Trap, Kingpin, Loco, Grease Monkey)
  • Wheelman Level 9.0 - Gold Coast Mountains (Rematch)
  • Wheelman Level 14.5 - Sunset Hills (Payback, Double Trouble, Sideshow, Deuce)

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