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USA icon ChevroletSmallMain 1997 - 2004
EngineInfoboxIcon2015 5.7L V8 (LS1)
BHPInfoboxIcon2015 345 bhp @ 5600 rpm
TorqueInfoboxIcon2015 350 lb·ft @ 4400 rpm
AccelerationInfoboxIcon2015 4.9 seconds
TopSpeedInfoboxIcon2015 172 mph (277 km/h)
TransmissionInfoboxIcon2015 6-speed Manual
DrivetrainInfoboxIcon2015 RWD
MassInfoboxIcon2015 1472 kg (3245 lbs)

The C5 Corvette is a sports car built between 1997 and 2004. The 1997 C5 is fitted with a 5.7L LS1 V8 producing 345bhp and 350ft-lb of torque with either a 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox.

Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitEdit

The C5 is available to both cops and racers as a Class B vehicle in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. The pursuit variant of the C5 is not available to players in the PlayStation 1 release, due to the lack of a cop mode and is only available to the A.I. police. It's available from the start in the PC release to players and A.I. police.

The Corvette is the best Class B car in the matter of braking and handling but fails to hit a top speed comparable to the Ferrari 355 F1 as well as the Lamborghini Countach.

An Indy 500 Pace Car Corvette C5 Convertible is available as an addon for the PC release which has identical performance to the standard C5. Originally it was included in copies of the game sold at Walmart.

Need for Speed: High StakesEdit

The C5 Convertible appears in Need for Speed: High Stakes as a class A car, competing with the Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Pontiac Firebird and the Jaguar XKR in the PC release. It is rated as the best car in its class.

The Corvette Convertible can be purchased for $50,000 in career mode in the PC release. Again, the Corvette is praised for its handling but possesses a high top speed and a quicker acceleration.

The C5 Coupe returns in the PlayStation 1 release. While it's a class A car, it doesn't compete with the Camaro, Firebird or XKR, but instead with the Ferrari 550.

The Corvette C5 Coupe can be purchased for $60,000 in the PlayStation 1 release.

It also has a tendency to oversteer in some low speed turns. The Pursuit Corvette C5 coupe is unlocked in the PlayStation 1 release upon the player arresting 10 speeders with the Pursuit Chevrolet Caprice. It is also available to A.I. police on North American tracks. The Pursuit Corvette C5 is available from the start in the PC release.

A Race Bred Pro Cup Corvette C5 coupé appears in the PlayStation 1 release of Need for Speed: High Stakes. It is unlocked once the player places 1st in the Corvette Cup only in the Brazilian, European & North American releases.


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