Circle Rose is a Circuit event that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and appeared in World as College Mall.

It is featured as the first part of the Rival Challenge event against Blacklist #11 - Big Lou - within the career mode in Most Wanted. In World, it was restricted to C class vehicles.


The event takes place within the central and eastern areas of Rosewood. Players start and end in Downtown Rosewood, from where the event leads players to Forest Green Country Club through the circular road in Rosewood College Campus. Players return to the downtown district by driving through Highway 99.

It also appears in reverse direction under the name Hospital Switchback.


  • The opening cinematic of the event shows Big Lou being accompanied by two yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse GTs before approaching the player.
  • Prior to the Car Classes update, the event was unlocked upon reaching level 13, and was open to all performance tiers in Need for Speed: World.