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Darius is the main antagonist in Need for Speed: Carbon. He is the leader of the street racing crew - Stacked Deck. His crew is the strongest in Palmont City and controls Silverton which is one of the most heavily patrolled areas of Palmont due to the gang's own activities.

Darius drives an Audi Le Mans quattro which is a Tier 3 car that can only be unlocked as a Custom Car after beating him in the final Canyon Duel. His Le Mans quattro has a vinyl design shaped around stripes in the colours of the Stacked Deck logo.


Darius is seen 'rescuing' the player from Cross whom became a bounty hunter after the player escaped from Rockport in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The player destroys their BMW M3 GTR at the beginning of the game whilst attempting to evade Cross.

Darius isn't heard of for a great portion of the game. He appears in a cutscene when the player begins an event which will earn them more territory than Darius if they win. Darius appears again after the player defeats the three main crew bosses of Palmont. He then states his true intentions of why he's helping the player - he wants to control the entire city.


Darius wants to "congratulate" the player in front of the City Courthouse, although it is quickly realised that he is turning the player over to Cross. Cross forces the player to the ground upon arrival and handcuffs them whilst Darius speaks to Nikki. Darius then leaves but Nikki frees the player and reveals she made a deal with Cross under the condition that she now races for the player.


Darius receives a phone call in a cutscene from an unknown source. The unknown source informs him that Nikki has freed the player from Cross's custody and is now on their side. He then tells the unknown person that he will need a crew that is motivated to take down the player. This crew consists of Wolf, Angie and Kenji in Tier 3 cars.

The player is challenged to a canyon race as well as a street race across Palmont City against Angie, Kenji and Wolf after taking over Silverton. The player is then able to challenge Darius after defeating his crew.

Darius leaves town after the player defeats him in both a street race and a canyon duel.


  • "I don't remember asking for your help, Crock. What makes you think you could bounty hunt in Silverton without my approval?
  • "'Been a long time, kid. What's his bounty?""
  • "Nikki. This should be interesting."
  • "You got it, kid. I always said you did. Now the others are just starting to believe too. Don't give up now, you're close."
  • "You know how I spent that money you got framed for? I bought Nikki everything that you couldn't."
  • "No one can touch me."
  • "The keys are in the car. Enjoy it while it lasts. There's always someone out there who's a little faster than you are, and sooner or later they're gonna catch up."




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