Downtown Run
Speed Run
NFSMW2012HeatLevel3Icon Heat
12 Checkpoints
3.0 mi (4.9 km)
Vincennes Road, Fairhaven
NFSMW2012GoldAward Hard - 150mph (241km/h)
Medium - 135mph (217km/h)
Easy - 130mph (209km/h)
NFSMW2012SilverAward Hard - 140mph (225km/h)
Medium - 125mph (201km/h)
Easy - 120mph (193km/h)
NFSMW2012BronzeAward Hard - 130mph (209km/h)
Medium - 115mph (185km/h)
Easy - 110mph (177km/h)

Downtown Run is a Speed Run event featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

The event is open to the Audi R8 GT Spyder, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Dodge Charger R/T, Ford GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lexus LFA and SRT Viper GTS.

Since the event takes place on Vincennes Road and on the Beltway highways, players can easily reach a high average speed. It is recommended to use performance improving modifications when playing on a higher difficulty, as most vehicles in the game with stock performance may not be quick enough to obtain Gold in this event.


  • 1. Checkpoint (2.9 mi/4.7 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 2. Checkpoint (2.7 mi/4.4 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 3. Checkpoint (2.4 mi/4.0 km) - Follow Vincennes Road (Heat level 3 Pursuit will be triggered).
  • 4. Checkpoint (2.3 mi/3.7 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 5. Checkpoint (2.2 mi/3.5 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 6. Checkpoint (1.9 mi/3.1 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 7. Checkpoint (1.6 mi/2.6 km) - Follow Vincennes Road.
  • 8. Checkpoint (1.1 mi/1.8 km) - Turn left to Beltway East.
  • 9. Checkpoint (0.9 mi/1.8 km) - Follow Beltway East.
  • 10. Checkpoint (0.7 mi/1.1 km) - Follow Beltway East.
  • 11. Checkpoint (684 yds/625 m) - Follow Beltway East to reach Beltway South.
  • 12. Checkpoint (383 yds/350 m) - Follow Beltway South.
  • Finish - Follow Beltway South.

Modification Unlocks

Vehicle Difficulty 1st 2nd
NFSMW2012AudiR8GTSpyderWebIcon Audi R8 GT Spyder Hard NFSMW2012BodyIcon Aero Body NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon Short Gears
NFSMW2012ChevroletCorvetteZR1WebIcon Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012DodgeChargerRTWebIcon Dodge Charger R/T Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012FordGTWebIcon Ford GT Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012LamborghiniGallardoWebIcon Lamborghini Gallardo Hard NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Powershot Nitrous NFSMW2012BodyIcon Impact Protection Body
NFSMW2012LexusLFAWebIcon Lexus LFA Easy NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Burn Nitrous NFSMW2012TyresIcon Off-Road Tyres
NFSMW2012SRTViperGTSWebIcon SRT Viper GTS Hard NFSMW2012BodyIcon Aero Body NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon Short Gears

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