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Drag is a game mode featured in a number of Need for Speed titles.


Drag strip in Motor City Online.

Drags races see players having to manually change gear as they race against others to the finish line along a straight circuit. Players will lose the event if they total their vehicle in a number of differing manners.

The player will start in a signal lane of a road but they can change lane by tapping the steering in their desired direction. Players are encouraged to draft opponents in order to earn a short boost in acceleration.

The winner is the player that crosses the finish line first without totalled.

1/4 MileEdit

A 1/4 Mile (Quarter Mile) is a short drag race along a 1/4 mile straight.

1/2 MileEdit

A 1/2 Mile is a special form of drag racing. 1/2 mile races are twice as long as 1/4 mile events. These are only present in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Totalling the CarEdit

Drag race

A Drag Race in Need for Speed: Underground 2.

Players can total their vehicle in a manner of different methods;

  • Blowing the engine by overheating.
  • Crashing
  • Starting too early.


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