The El Niño (or The Boy in English) is a fictional concept car.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

It appears as a bonus car in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit and is unlocked upon winning a Knockout race series in Expert difficulty. It is alternatively unlocked after entering the cheat code elnino at the main menu.

The El Niño is the fastest car in the game. It tends to understeer in curves but this can quickly alter to oversteer if it decelerates too quickly. This can help keep the car under control in sharp bends.

Special Variants

The Pursuit El Niño is a police variant that is unlocked simultaneously with the racer variant. It is featured with identical performance specifications.


  • The El Niño has a counterpart in the PC release of Need for Speed: High Stakes which is known as the La Niña.
    • Both cars look very similar with the exception of some details; the La Niña lacks the hood ornament of the El Niño but is equipped with fog lights.


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