For the Need for Speed: Rivals event, see End of the Line (Rivals).

End of the Line is an SCPD Hot Pursuit event featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), and is the final event of the SCPD career.

The event can be accessed from the Memorial Valley SCPD node on the career map, and is a Special Response event that starts along Cascade Terrace,

The event starts west along Cascade Terrace, continues west along Oakmont Valley, leads south west along Coral Bay Drive, and finishes to the south along Grand Ocean Road.


"Take any car and shut down the hypercars blazing West on Cascade Terrace. Exercise caution - these Racers are packing all known cop counter measures."


The player is given four Spike Strips, two Helicopter Support calls, four Roadblocks, and four EMPs to shut down a total of seven Hyper Series racers.



The player's choice of police vehicle for this event is limited to Special Response units.

Racer Suspects

There are seven racer suspects participating in the event.


  • A reverse of this route is used for the racer Hot Pursuit event Double Jeopardy.

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