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Escape is a game mode featured in Need for Speed: Undercover. The objective of the game mode is for the player to escape a police pursuit within a given amount of time.

Each event location differs by allotted time limit, initial engaged police vehicles, and initial heat level.


Type Name Start Location Time Limit
NFSUCIconEscape Canyon Hwy South Gold Coast Mountains 2:30
NFSUCIconEscape East Sutton Palm Harbor 2:30
NFSUCIconEscape Gold Coast to Mountain Gold Coast Mountains 4:00
NFSUCIconEscape I-10 Onramp Interstate 10 3:00
NFSUCIconEscape I-85 Offramp Interstate 85 3:30
NFSUCIconEscape Mountain & Gold Coast Gold Coast Mountains 3:20
NFSUCIconEscape North Gold Coast Gold Coast Mountains 2:30
NFSUCIconEscape South Ocean Express Palm Harbor 2:30
NFSUCIconEscape South Palm Sunset Hills 4:00
NFSUCIconEscape South Trevino Avenue Sunset Hills 2:40
NFSUCIconEscape Valencia & Peak Ridge Gold Coast Mountains 3:00
NFSUCIconEscape West Alena Palm Harbor 3:00
NFSUCIconEscape West Lydian Palm Harbor 3:00
NFSUCIconEscape West Marueen Interstate 85 1:50

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