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The Federal Sport Cruiser (also known as the Police Interceptor) is the fastest vehicle of the Police Department of Rockport and Palmont. It is featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Carbon, Undercover and World.

Federal Sport Cruisers can be encountered, once the player reaches Heat Level 5. The durability and speed of the Sport Cruiser is significantly better than a State Cruiser, though their light weight means that they are sometimes knocked out fairly easily at high speeds, even more so than other police cars.




Tactics usedEdit


Federal Sport UndercoverEdit

The Federal Sport Undercover Cruiser is a faster and stronger version of the standard Federal Cruiser. It only appears in the last police chase and challenge #68 in Most Wanted and in several challenge events in Need for Speed: Carbon and the PS2 version of Undercover.




Tactics UsedEdit



  • Federal Pursuit Vehicles in Most Wanted, Carbon, and Undercover are equipped with nitrous. This is an exception for Need for Speed: World as nitrous is a powerup.
  • In the PS2 and Wii versions of Undercover, beating GMac unlocks the Porsche 911 GT2 based Federal Sport Cruiser for use in chasedown mode.
  • In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, it can be driven by the player in a tollbooth time trial in Challenge Series event #49.
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