The Ferrari 355 F1 is a mid-engined sports coupe built by Ferrari between 1994 and 1999. It was also available with a targa top and as a roadster known as Spider although this variation was introduced one year later.

The Ferrari 355 F1 is an evolution of the Ferrari 348 and was replaced by the Ferrari 360 in 2000. The F1 was the only model in the 355 series to be equipped with a Formula One gearbox.

Need for Speed II

The 355 F1 appears as the Coupe variant in the Special Edition release of Need for Speed II as a class C vehicle. The top speed of the 355 F1 is 185 mp/h (298 km/h).

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

The coupe variant of the 355 F1 reappears in the PlayStation One release Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, while the Spider variant appears in the PC release. Both are featured as class B vehicles.

It possesses one of the best performance figures in its class. Its quick acceleration, combined with its agility, make the 355 F1 a fast car on every race course. It is also capable of a high top speed due to the six-speed transmission.



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