First Offence is a Hot Pursuit event featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), and is the first racer career Hot Pursuit event.

The event can be accessed from the Eagle Crest racer node on the career map, and is a Sports Series event that starts along South Face Drive.

The event starts west along South Face Drive, turns south onto Memorial Highway, and finishes near the south cross junction.


"The Seacrest County Police take a zero-tolerance policy to speed limit infractions and their enforcement tactics can get a little rough. Still, what do you care? You have a race to win!"


The player is given not given any Equipment for this event.



The player's choice of racer vehicle for this event is limited to Sports Series cars.

Racer Suspects

There are three racer suspects participating in the event along side the player.

SCPD Units

An SCPD Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Traffic Police unit will commence pursuit at the 6.6 miles remaining mark, and an additional unit will join the pursuit beyond the 5.0 miles remaining mark.