The Ford Focus ST is a hot hatch variation of the European Ford Focus hatchback. It utilises a turbocharged 2.5 litre five cylinder engine. In 2008, the Ford Focus ST received a facelift.

A distinctive feature of the ST model is that it is only available in blue or orange. An option to customise their car with OTT (over the top) stripes was also available.

Need for Speed: ProStreet

The Ford Focus ST appears in Need for Speed: ProStreet as a Tier 2 car with a price of $32,000. It is unlocked upon dominating the Showdown event in Chicago.

The 222 bhp five cylinder engine allows the Ford Focus ST to reach a high top speed. Its acceleration may fall short compared to several other Tier 2 cars though. Due to being front-wheel drive, the Ford Focus ST's steering may suffer from understeer.

The Ford Focus ST is an useful Speed car, although it is recommended to improve its handling to minimize understeer. It can be also used in Grip effectively.

Need for Speed: Undercover

The Ford Focus ST appears in Need for Speed: Undercover as a Tier 4 car with a price of $48,000.

The Ford Focus ST has the best acceleration among every Tier 4 car and is capable of reaching 189 mph (304 kmh) as top speed, which is only surpassed by the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. If upgraded with the best parts possible, it can keep up with Tier 1 cars.

Need for Speed: Shift

The Ford Focus ST appears in Need for Speed: Shift as a Tier 1 car with a price of $26,000 and 3.20 Car Rating. It is unlocked by default.

In Need for Speed: Shift, the Ford Focus ST is one of the quickest Tier 1 front-wheel drive cars. It is notable for its acceleration and high top speed. In corners, the Ford Focus ST performs generally well. However, rear-wheel drive cars such as the Mazda RX-8 may be better in this category.

Shift 2: Unleashed

The Ford Focus ST appears in Shift 2: Unleashed as a Modern D car with a 300 performance rating and 2.97 handling rating.

The car performs very similarly to its rendition in Need for Speed: Shift, but may have its performance substantially improved with a Works conversion and engine swap, although this option may affect its controllability.


  • The standard Ford Focus ST has its OTT stripes in Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed removed.


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