The Ford Shelby Terlingua Mustang is a fifth generation Ford Mustang fitted with a V6 Racing Team package that includes performance enhancements and modified cosmetic details by Shelby. The package is applied by Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Terlingua also features improvements to the handling and braking capabilities that were developed with Ford Racing as well as an optional supercharger.

A deep draw hood, 20” anthracite “Razor” wheels and comprehensive styling changes including a logo with the Terlingua rabbit "Lucifer" make up the exterior.

Need for Speed: Undercover

The Terlingua appears in Need for Speed: Undercover as a tier 2 car and is unlocked by using the secret code "NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua".

It can only be driven in multiplayer and quick race as it is classed as a Bonus Car.

It has similar performance traits as the Ford Shelby GT500KR except for a slightly lower acceleration rating.

Need for Speed: Shift

The Terlingua appears in Need for Speed: Shift as a tier 2 car with a car rating of 6.50.

It is made available to the player upon them reaching Driver Level 30 but it can only be driven in multiplayer or quick race events.

Need for Speed: World

The Terlingua was made available in Need for Speed: World on July 10, 2012 as a tier 2 vehicle. Since August 22, 2012, it has been featured as a B class vehicle.

Its acceleration is not as fast as the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 but still on par with similarly rated A class cars such as the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. The same counts for its top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h).

Its nitrous boost on the other hand is average, and high-speed cornering is possible although its handling has a somewhat sluggish feeling.

The Terlingua is a decently performing A class car for any game mode. It might be lacking when raced against more powerful and agile A Class cars with higher overall ratings like the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640.

Need for Speed: World - Performance Rating
 0 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 700 750 800 900 1000 
526 716

Need for Speed

The Need for Speed style is an art director car that costs SpeedBoost23400. It was made available on July 10, 2012.

It is fitted with tuned Gromlen performance parts and is fitted with an aftermarket lowering kit.

NFSW Ford Shelby Mustang Terlingua Need For Speed
WorldNavPerformance RaceBeigeEngine
Tuned Engine
TopSpeedIcon2 7%  AccelIcon2 7%  HandlingIcon2 0%
Tuned Forced Induction
TopSpeedIcon2 4%  AccelIcon2 4%  HandlingIcon2 0%
Tuned Transmission
TopSpeedIcon2 7%  AccelIcon2 4%  HandlingIcon2 3%
Tuned Suspension
TopSpeedIcon2 3%  AccelIcon2 3%  HandlingIcon2 7%
Tuned Brakes
TopSpeedIcon2 0%  AccelIcon2 0%  HandlingIcon2 4%
Tuned Tyres
TopSpeedIcon2 3%  AccelIcon2 4%  HandlingIcon2 7%
CarClassA 650 ArtDirectorEditionIcon2  
NFSWSafehouseAftermarketIcon NFSWBodykitSlot NFSWSpoilerSlot NFSWHoodSlot NFSWWheelsSlot NFSWNeonSlot NFSWWindowTintSlot NFSWLoweringKitStage3
NFSWLoweringKitStage3 Lowering Kit
Stage 3
NFSWLicencePlateSlot TopSpeedIcon2 602 AccelIcon2 751 HandlingIcon2 597
NFSWSafehouseSkillModsIcon   NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot SpeedBoost23400


The Yellow style is a rotationally available stock cash car that costs Dollar icon825,000. It was initially released on May 21, 2015.
NFSW Ford Shelby Terlingua Mustang Yellow
WorldNavPerformance NFSWPerformanceEngineSlot NFSWPerformanceForcedInductionSlot NFSWPerformanceTransmissionSlot NFSWPerformanceSuspensionSlot NFSWPerformanceBrakesSlot NFSWPerformanceTyresSlot CarClassB 526 NFSWYellowVariantIcon  
NFSWSafehouseAftermarketIcon NFSWBodykitSlot NFSWSpoilerSlot NFSWHoodSlot NFSWWheelsSlot NFSWNeonSlot NFSWWindowTintSlot NFSWLoweringSlot NFSWLicencePlateSlot TopSpeedIcon2 393 AccelIcon2 667 HandlingIcon2 520
NFSWSafehouseSkillModsIcon   NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot NFSWSkillModSlot Dollar icon825,000

Shift 2: Unleashed

The Terlingua appears in Shift 2: Unleashed as a reward car upon the player reaching Driver Level 11. It is featured as a Modern Road class car with a performance rating of C 760.

Need for Speed: Edge

The Terlingua Racing Team Car appears in Need for Speed: Edge.


  • The model featured in Need for Speed: Undercover and Need for Speed: World includes several Need for Speed styling changes such as the series' logo.


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