Fox Lair Pass is a region located in the north of Seacrest County featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010).

Most of Fox Lair Pass is made up of plains, accompanied by small mountains and canyons, with the occasional trees along the road leading to a small forest.

Career Events

There are five racer events and three SCPD events available through their respective Fox Lair Pass nodes in career mode.

Racer Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Complete Control Duel Performance Series 9.1 mi  (14.65 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Extreme Truth Preview Performance Series 7.6 mi  (12.23 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Avalanche Hot Pursuit Super Series 12.3 mi  (19.79 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon The Art of Driving Duel Exotic Series 12.5 mi  (20.12 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Glorious Fourth Race Exotic Series 7.3 mi  (11.75 km)

SCPD Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Protect and Swerve Preview Highway Patrol 4.1 mi  (6.6 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Under Pressure Interceptor Rapid Deployment
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Priority Call Rapid Response Speed Enforcement 11.0 mi  (17.7 km)

Multiplayer Events


There are four routes available for multiplayer race, hot pursuit, and arms race events from the Fox Lair Pass multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Run to the Hills Route Any Tier 11.4 mi  (18.35 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Extreme Truth Route Any Tier 6.8 mi  (10.94 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Into the Fire Route Any Tier 7.1 mi  (11.43 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Resisting Arrest Route Any Tier 13.2 mi  (21.24 km)


There are two locations available for multiplayer interceptor and most wanted events from the Fox Lair Pass multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Fox Lair Pass North Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Fox Lair Pass South Location Any Tier

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