Grand Theft 5-0 is the eighteenth Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover. Rose Largo is the player's contact for this Job.

Rose contacts the player to say that GMAC is impressed with their driving abilities but believes that they're a cop. Rose tells them that they have to steal a police car to prove to GMAC that they're not a cop.

The mission begins with the player breaking into a Nissan GT-R Super State cruiser at a Tri-City Bay Police Department Precinct Motorpool in Sunset Hills at 6:03 p.m.

A police car attempts to block the player but they slip past and escape from the precinct. Rose calls the player to tell them that "It looks like you've got your hands on a black and white. The cops are gonna be all over you for it." She tells the player to bring the car over to the garage once they've evaded the police.

Delivering the police car to the garage impresses GMAC but he still thinks that the player is a cop. Rose says she will be in touch for future missions.


  • The name of the job is a reference to the felony of Grand Theft and the slang term for police; 5-0.

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