HCM Corporation - "Engineering the future of Speed Enforcement."

HCM Corporation is a fictional aftermarket automotive company that manufactures advanced technology in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. They upgrade the Cops' equipment in the same manner in which HudsenTech upgrades the Racers' equipment.


Players will unlock upgraded equipment as they progress through the Cop career. The player will reach a certain milestone that will upgrade their equipment depending on their usage of that equipment. Cutscenes will also trigger alongside an upgrade milestone which will involve the company demonstrating their equipment.

HCM Corp. is currently installing military equipment on Seacrest County Police Department vehicles as they are stated to use military-grade technology in their equipment.


Spike Strip

  • Level 1: Regular strip and releasing device.
  • Level 2: "The Shredder" is a standard spike strip that is 50% wider, 30% longer and is launched off in less than five seconds.
  • Level 3: "The Shredder" is fitted with MDLS (Multiple Device Launch System) which allows two Shredders to be launched off at once.


  • Level 1: A military-grade EMP device.
  • Level 2: An explosively pumped flux compression generator is installed to the standard EMP device to launch a pulse in half the regular lock-on speed.
  • Level 3: More military tech is equipped for a blast 100x more powerful than a lightning strike and new lock-on algorithms for 75% faster targeting compared to the level 1 model.


Roadblocks and Helicopters are not upgraded by HCM Corp. They are given to the officers by the SCPD (with Ford and Porsche supplying the roadblock cars).