Hector Maio is one of the antagonists in Need for Speed: Undercover. He's the brother of Zack Maio.

Hector says that he races for adrenaline with his two-tone black and green Nissan 370Z, but is seen driving a silver Nissan 370Z in cutscenes. He drives a green Volkswagen Golf GTI in the PSP release.

Hector is first seen in the mission Palm Harbor Rally and is possibly the race organizer. He is described by the player's federal handler - Chase Linh - to have a small band of car thieves in the Palm Harbor Area.

He congratulates the player for winning the Palm Harbor Rally and offers them a choice of pink slips for the other racers' cars.

The player later completes two Jobs - Mystery Job and Versus for Hector before bringing him to custody in the job - Kingpin.

The Maio brothers stole a BMW M6 from Chinese crime boss Chau Wu. It contains a PDA with information regarding Chau's criminal background.

Hector's FBI file

  • Name: Hector Maio
  • Date of birth: December 15, 1982
  • Nicknames/Aliases: Smiley
  • Last known location: Palm Harbor
  • Known acquaintances: Zack Maio, Caleb Reece & Isabel "Izzy" Diaz
  • Offenses:
    • Grand theft auto (8 counts)
    • Excessive speeding (6 counts)
    • Reckless driving (3 counts)
  • Comments:
    • Served a 2-year sentence for Grand Theft Auto
    • Known in prison as "Smiley" for his optimistic/grand plans when released
    • Organized a small crew made up of neighbors and family who deal in stolen cars
    • Demands respect and loyalty from his crew
    • Known as a local up and comer with a "big" future ahead of him.



Hector is portrayed by actor Kurt Caceres.



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