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The Hot Wheels Gazella GT is a fictitious car based on the Hot Wheels toy car - Gazella GT, which is a mix of various grand touring vehicles, and was designed by Miguel Lopez for the 2016 HW Showroom series.

Need for Speed: No Limits

The Gazella GT appears in Need for Speed: No Limits. Its starting rank is 602 PR and the blueprints were available in the Fastlane event.


The Gazella GT is a sports class car that requires 15 epic blueprints of which can be found from various sources;
  • Special Event - Fastlane Event

It becomes available as a loaner vehicle upon entering the event and is unlocked after all 7 days of the event have been completed.

NFSNLGazellaGTLoaner NFSNL SuperClassIcon Super NFSNL GarageIcon Loan NFSNL GarageIcon TopSpeed 4875 NFSNL GarageIcon Acceleration 3100 NFSNL GarageIcon Nitrous 3988 602 NFSNL GarageIcon PR
NFSNL GoldStarIconNFSNL GoldStarIconNFSNL GoldStarIconNFSNL GreyStarIconNFSNL GreyStarIconNFSNL GreyStarIconNFSNL GreyStarIconNFSNL GreyStarIcon NFSNL GarageIcon Upgrade NFSNL GarageIcon PR