Highway 201 & Lyons is a Sprint event that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and appeared in Need for Speed: World as Lyons & Hwy 201.

It is featured as a prerequisite race event for challenging Blacklist #6 - Ming - within the career mode in Most Wanted. The event was open to all car classes in World.


The event first takes place in southern Rosewood within Lyons and leads players to Highway 201 in Downtown Rockport. Players will exit the highway near the Fairmont Bowl stage and then proceed to the downtown area near the police station, where two sharp corners are located.

The event is also featured as a Speedtrap race in reverse direction entitled Bond & Riverside. It is featured as a prerequisite for challenging Blacklist #5 - Webster.


  • Prior to the Car Classes update, the event was unlocked upon reaching driver level 25 and restricted to all performance tiers in Need for Speed: World.