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Korea icon HyundaiSmallMain
1967 - Present
Seoul, South Korea

Hyundai is a South Korean automotive manufacturer founded in 1967. It first started off license-producing Ford vehicles and made its first vehicle, Pony, in 1976. Since then it developed cars such as the Sonata and the Excel, the latter which was Hyundai's first export to North America.

Early production vehicles were fit with transmission and engine from Mitsubishi but Hyundai developed its own by the early 90s. Hyundai is currently the world's 4th largest automotive manufacturer in annual sales and owns Kia Motors.


ModelInfoboxIcon EngineInfoboxIcon BHPInfoboxIcon TorqueInfoboxIcon DrivetrainInfoboxIcon AccelerationInfoboxIcon MassInfoboxIcon TopSpeedInfoboxIcon TransmissionInfoboxIcon
NFSWQuestionMarlIcon Tiburon GT 2.7L V6 181 bhp 176 lb·ft FWD 7.2 secs 1424 kg
(3139 lbs)
137 mph
(220 km/h)

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