The Hyundai Tiburon GT (also known as Hyundai Coupe V6 in Europe and Hyundai Tuscani in Asia) is a front-wheel drive sports coupe that is powered by a 2.7L V6 engine.

It was produced and assembled in Ulsan, South Korea from 2001 to 2008. In 2005 and 2007, the Hyundai Tiburon GT underwent a series of facelifts.

Need for Speed: Underground

The Hyundai Tiburon GT is unlocked after completing Underground Mode event 17.

The Tiburon GT is featured with a quick acceleration due to being powered by a V6 engine. It reaches an average top speed and is somewhat prone to understeer in corners.

Need for Speed: Underground 2

The Hyundai Tiburon GT is unlocked during Level 2 of the career mode. Players have to complete the third URL race event to unlock the car.

The Tiburon GT reappears in Underground 2 with decent acceleration and grip performance. When fully upgraded, it is capable of reaching a high top speed.

Stock 0-60 mph: 7.23 s 0-100 mph: 20.35 s Top Speed: 137.0 mph (220 km/h) Torque: 176.3 ft-lbs Power: 181.7 bhp
Fully Upgraded 0-60 mph: 2.81 s 0-100 mph: 7.34 s Top Speed: 222.0 mph (357 km/h) Torque: 338.9 ft-lbs Power: 511.8 bhp


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