Industrial Revolution is a Sprint Race in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

Players must follow the railways in Harris Road and enter a unpaved steel mill area in Industrial Revolution. There is also a blind spot corner in Brigman Drive between the tenth and eleventh Checkpoints. The Sprint Race is set around Fairhaven and Ripley's Point.


  • 1. Checkpoint (2.8 mi/4.6 km) - Follow Hallenbeck Road.
  • 1. Checkpoint (2.6 mi/4.2 km) - Follow Hallenbeck Road. (Shortcut featuring a jump and Billboard nearby)
  • 3. Checkpoint (2.4 mi/4.0 km) - Turn left to Harris Road.
  • 4. Checkpoint (2.3 mi/3.7 km) - Follow the nearby off-road shortcut to enter a small tunnel.
  • 5. Checkpoint (1.9 mi/3.1 km) - Follow the railways.
  • 6. Checkpoint (1.6 mi/2.6 km) - Follow the railways.
  • 7. Checkpoint (1.5 mi/2.4 km) - Turn left to Brigman Drive.
  • 8. Checkpoint (1.4 mi/2.3 km) - Follow Brigman Drive.
  • 9. Checkpoint (1.2 mi/2.0 km) - Follow Brigman Drive.
  • 10. Checkpoint (1.0 mi/1.7 km) - Follow Brigman Drive.
  • 11. Checkpoint (0.7 mi/1.2 km) - Turn left to Burke Street.
  • 12. Checkpoint (0.4 mi/0.7 km) - Turn right to Reese Drive.
  • 13. Checkpoint (328 yds/300 m) - Pass an intersection to reach Hoyt Road and drive into Gurshy's Mill.
  • Finish - Drive through the Gurshy's Mill area.

Notable Locations

Modification Unlocks

Vehicle Difficulty 1st 2nd
NFSMW2012AudiA1QuattroWebIcon Audi A1 clubsport quattro Hard NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Burn Nitrous NFSMW2012TyresIcon Off-Road Tyres
NFSMW2012FordFocusRS500WebIcon Ford Focus RS500 Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Lightweight Chassis NFSMW2012TyresIcon Track Tyres
NFSMW2012LanciaDeltaWebIcon Lancia Delta Easy NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Burn Nitrous NFSMW2012TyresIcon Off-Road Tyres
NFSMW2012MitsubishiEvoXWebIcon Mitsubishi EVOLUTION X Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012SubaruWRXWebIcon Subaru Cosworth Impreza STI CS400 Hard NFSMW2012NitrousIcon Powershot Nitrous NFSMW2012BodyIcon Impact Protection


  • The name of the Sprint Race is a reference to its railways as they were symbolic for the Western Industrial Revolution during the 19th century.