Industrial Way
Speed Run
NFSMW2012HeatLevel0Icon Heat
14 Checkpoints
3.0 mi (4.8 km)
I92 Junction 10, Interstate 92
NFSMW2012GoldAward Hard - 115mph (185km/h)
Hard (MiTo) - 100mph (161km/h)
Medium - 105mph (168km/h)
NFSMW2012SilverAward Hard - 105mph (168km/h)
Hard (MiTo) - 90mph (185km/h)
Medium - 95mph (152km/h)
NFSMW2012BronzeAward Hard - 95mph (152km/h)
Hard (MiTo) - 80mph (128km/h)
Medium - 85mph (136km/h)

Industrial Way is a Speed Run event featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

The event is open to the Alfa Romeo MiTo QV, Audi A1 clubsport quattro, Ford Focus RS500, Lancia Delta HF Integrale and Shelby GT500.

It starts in Interstate 92 and later follows several roads in Callahan Industrial - both are ideal for reaching high average speeds. The final part of the event takes place in Fairhaven, where there are a few winding roads.


  • 1. Checkpoint (2.8 mi/4.5 km) - Follow I92 West.
  • 2. Checkpoint (2.6 mi/4.2 km) - Follow I92 West.
  • 3. Checkpoint (2.4 mi/3.7 km) - Follow the oncoming lane of I92 West.
  • 4. Checkpoint (2.1 mi/3.4 km) - Drive to the exit on the right side of I92 West.
  • 5. Checkpoint (1.8 mi/2.9 km) - Turn right to Beddoe Drive.
  • 6. Checkpoint (1.5 mi/2.4 km) - Follow Beddoe Drive to reach Block Road.
  • 7. Checkpoint (1.3 mi/2.1 km) - Turn right to Callahan Street.
  • 8. Checkpoint (1.2 mi/1.9 km) - Follow Callahan Street.
  • 9. Checkpoint (1.0 mi/1.6 km) - Follow Callahan Street.
  • 10. Checkpoint (1,655 yds/1,513 m) - Enter the waterway.
  • 11. Checkpoint (1,320 yds/1,207 m) - Follow the waterway.
  • 12. Checkpoint (1,080 yds/987 m) - Exit the waterway and turn right to Beddoe Drive.
  • 13. Checkpoint (700 yds/640 m) - Follow Beddoe Drive to reach Hoyt Road.
  • 14. Checkpoint (345 yds/315 km) - Follow the shortcut.
  • Finish - Exit the shortcut and follow Hoyt Road.

Notable Locations

  • Repair Shop (1. & 2. Checkpoint)
  • Repair Shop (5. & 6. Checkpoint)

Modification Unlocks

Vehicle Difficulty 1st 2nd
NFSMW2012AfaRomeoMitoQVWebIcon Alfa Romeo MiTo QV Hard NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012AudiA1QuattroWebIcon Audi A1 clubsport quattro Hard NFSMW2012BodyIcon Aero Body NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon Short Gears
NFSMW2012FordFocusRS500WebIcon Ford Focus RS500 Medium NFSMW2012TransmissionIcon Long Gears NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Reinforced Chassis
NFSMW2012LanciaDeltaWebIcon Lancia Delta HF Integrale Medium NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -
NFSMW2012ShelbyGT500WebIcon Shelby GT500 Hard NFSMW2012ChassisIcon Ram Chassis -

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