Karol Monroe
Need For Speed Pro Street - Rogue Speed organization - Karol Monroe00:27

Need For Speed Pro Street - Rogue Speed organization - Karol Monroe

NFSPSCrownIcon Drag King
FordSmallMain Mustang GT
Karol Monroe is a racing driver featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet and is a member of the After Mix racing team. She is associated with the Rogue Speed racing organisation and is the Drag King. She is one of the racing discipline kings to be challenged by Ryan Cooper.

Karol drives a Ford Mustang GT throughout the career and only competes in drag events. Many of her records held by other racing organisations and course locations can be beaten by the player in career mode.

Ryan Cooper is required to dominate the Infineon raceday within the Rogue Speed organisation before they can challenge Karol's Drag King title at the Drag King Challenge: Infineon II raceday.

Image Make Blueprint Specifications
NFSPSFordMustangGT2005KarolMonroe FordSmallMain
Tier 3



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