Klutch is an African-American male with white t-shirt., and is a minor character featured in Need for Speed: Underground.

Need for Speed: Underground

Klutch drives a green Dodge Neon, which can not be unlocked, and looks down on the player with comments underestimating their racing ability.

He will appear often throughout Underground Mode, and will hand out challenges to the player on several occasions, but less often than other challengers. His challenges are all Drag events.


  • "Sup dawg? Name's Derek but my buds call me Klutch. I think I'll call you Tow Truck cuz that's what's goin' to be haulin' that heap to the dump after this race!" - 'The Perfect Shift'.
  • "Hey lucky? I uhh... just bad launched last time, check it out that ladies!" - 'Drop The Klutch'.
  • "Wassup lucky? Thought I stuff to be before?" - 'Gut Check Time'.
  • "Hey Lucky? Eddie's crews sittin' the top spot mod now, but nobody's business!" - 'Double Klutch'.
  • "Yo, yo, yo lucky! Looks like I got you want! Let's see I drive one of the accounts!" - 'Glow, Baby, Glow!'.
  • "Yo lucky, you got it grabs for you? You gonna need it, 'cause I got some double stomp under the hood now! Tell me I'll minds off from back there, sucka!" - 'It's Klutch Time'.
  • "Yes, you too lucky for me, I'm out for the games, holmes!" - 'It's Klutch Time'.