The Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 is one of the final variants of the Diablo series produced by Lamborghini. Its 6.0L V12 engine is derived from the high-performance Diablo GT and GT-R.

Similar to every model since 1999, the Diablo VT 6.0 uses fixed headlights, a revised suspension, and a new anti-lock braking system.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

The Diablo VT 6.0 in the PC, Xbox, and Gamecube releases of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 appears as a Class 2 racer and police vehicle.

After accumulating 30,000 NFS points, the standard variant will be unlocked. For the NFS Edition and police variant, the player must collect 60,000 NFS points.

In the PlayStation 2 release, the Diablo VT 6.0 is classed in Class B and unlocked upon completing Hot Pursuit event 22 "Lamborghini Lap Knockout". The NFS Edition is unlocked once 2,000,000 NFS points are collected by the player. A pursuit version is not featured in this instalment.

Due to having a low 0-60 mph time, the Diablo VT 6.0 is one of the best Class 2/B cars for racing. Its acceleration is useful for reaching its high top speed quickly. However, these traits come at the expense of handling; a few cars such as the Ferrari F50 can overtake the Diablo in corners.


  • The Diablo VT 6.0 in the PlayStation 2 release can be unlocked by pressing the button sequence Right, R2, Right, R2, R1, L1, R1, L1 at the main menu.


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