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A Lap Knockout is a special variation of a circuit race and was introduced in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. A Lap Knockout events eliminate the racer in last place upon the completion of each lap until a single racer is left.

In Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Underground 2, Lap Knockout events can be played on all circuit routes.

In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Lap Knockout events have specific routes separate to circuit events.

Lap Knockout is featured in the iOS release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), although it is called "Eliminator."

Lap Knockout only appears in the PlayStaion 2 and Nintendo Wii releases of Need for Speed: Undercover.



  • In the PlayStation 2 demo of Need for Speed: Underground 2, there are two unused Lap Knockout rule variations entitled Classic and Bottom Half.
  • In the game files of Need for Speed: Carbon, references to Lap Knockout can be found, which is sometimes alluded to as either Crew Knockout or Knockout.

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