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A Magazine, or Magazine offer, is a special opportunity featured in Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Underground 2.


Need for Speed: UndergroundEdit

After winning a number of races or beating a time trial given by TJ or Samantha, the player may also be given a magazine with their car printed on the front cover, among other rewards. It will boost the player's reputation and will add to their collection of magazines, but will have no other effect on gameplay.

Need for Speed: Underground 2Edit

Once again, magazine opportunities have returned, but with a new twist to them. This time, a player must be signed with a Sponsor and their car will have to be at a certain star rating level at minimum to be included in a magazine shot. As they progress in career, they will have to reach the magazine opportunity in a certain amount of time, as if it was a time trial. Along with many other requirements, the player will be able to move their car during the shot, open doors, the hood, and even the trunk. Because of this, the player can have their shot anywhere desired, and the opening of various car areas encourages trunk and engine customization.

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