Maserati is an Italian car manufacturer specializing in the luxury segment. During its lifetime the company had very often changed its owner.

Starting from 1975, Maserati stopped producing mid-engined performance vehicles and built grand tourers that often resemble each other like the Biturbo.


Model EngineInfoboxIcon2015 BHPInfoboxIcon2015 TorqueInfoboxIcon2015 DrivetrainInfoboxIcon2015 AccelerationInfoboxIcon2015 MassInfoboxIcon2015 TopSpeedInfoboxIcon2015 TransmissionInfoboxIcon2015
GranTurismo Convertible 4.7L V8 434 bhp 361 lb·ft RWD 5.5 secs 1980 kg
(4365 lbs)
176 mph
(283 km/h)
GranTurismo MC Stradale 4.7L V8 444 bhp 376 lb·ft RWD 4.6 secs 1770 kg
(3902 lbs)
187 mph
(301 km/h)
GranTurismo S 4.7L V8 434 bhp 361 lb·ft RWD 4.9 secs 1880 kg
(4145 lbs)
183 mph
(295 km/h)
MC12 6.0L V12 620 bhp 481 lb·ft RWD 3.8 secs 1335 kg
(2943 lbs)
205 mph
(330 km/h)
MC12 GT1 6.0L V12 630 bhp 481 lb·ft RWD 2.3 secs 1120 kg
(2469 lbs)
200 mph
(322 km/h)
Quattroporte Sport GTS 4.7L V8 433 bhp 361 lb·ft RWD 5.1 secs 1990 kg
(4387 lbs)
177 mph
(285 km/h)

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