Meet Carmen is the twenty-ninth Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover.

The player arrives at the garage after receiving a call from Carmen Mendez. She says that she has figured out that Hector Maio and Zack Maio's disappearance was because of the BMW M6 the brothers stole from Chau Wu.

Carmen is unaware that the player had busted the brothers and the other street racers in their gang. She has become concerned about how the racers suddenly disappeared.

She asks the player to take the BMW M6 away as she's afraid that Chau Wu will come after her. Sirens are suddenly heard and Carmen explains that she called 9-1-1 because she didn't know if the player would accept.

The player leaves the garage with the M6. Chau Wu calls the player and says that he has kidnapped Chase Linh. He wants the player to bring the M6 to him with no police chasing them or else "more will die".


  • The player is given the BMW M6 as a pink slip, however there is no purpose to it story-wise, as it's not used in any job. It could be a game design error since the player can pursue Chase Linh as her in the stolen M6 in the job Showdown.

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