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Melissa is a storyline character featured in Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed (2015) as part of the Legends update.

After the player has completed the prologue event of Underground Mode, she will appear in a cutscene that shows her hanging out with The Eastsiders and glancing at the player. She reappears as a single opponent in Underground Mode's last event "Legend of the Street".

In Need for Speed (2015), Melissa constantly messages the player with Eddie's challenges.

Melissa drives a silver Nissan 350Z, which can be unlocked for Quick Race use upon accumulating 2,500,000 style points.


  • Melissa is played by Amy Walz in Need for Speed: Underground.
  • As part of the Legends update's newly added story missions, Travis will mention to the player that he was involved with Eddie and Melissa in the past.


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