Memorial Valley is a region located in the central east of Seacrest County featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010).

Memorial Valley, also known as Route 11, spans both a desert to the south that meets with Boulder Desert, and a mountainous forest to the north that meets Big Timber Forest.

A large bridge, tunnels, a power station, a petrol station, and some houses can be found along the roadside. A fighter jet can also be seen flying past the open desert terrain.

Career Events

There are six racer events and six SCPD events available through their respective Memorial Valley nodes in career mode.

Racer Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Breach of the Peace Hot Pursuit Sports Series 7.5 mi  (12.07 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Sidewinder Time Trial Performance Series 4.2 mi  (6.76 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon M Power Gauntlet Performance Series 7.3 mi  (11.75 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon No Substitute Race Super Series 7.5 mi  (12.07 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Double Jeopardy Hot Pursuit Exotic Series 16.6 mi  (26.72 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Spoilt for Choice Race Exotic Series 12.0 mi  (19.31 km)

SCPD Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Lightning Reflex Rapid Response Traffic Police 8.0 mi  (12.87 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Spike Out Interceptor Highway Patrol
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Precision Pursuit Rapid Response Highway Patrol 6.1 mi  (9.82 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Porsche Patrol Hot Pursuit Rapid Deployment 11.5 mi  (18.51 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Dust Storm Hot Pursuit Speed Enforcement 12.0 mi  (19.31 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon End of the Line Hot Pursuit Special Response 16.6 mi  (26.72 km)

Multiplayer Events


There are five routes available for multiplayer race, hot pursuit, and arms race events from the Memorial Valley multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Dust Storm Route Any Tier 12.0 mi  (19.31 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon End of the Line Route Any Tier 16.6 mi  (26.72 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Porsche Patrol Route Any Tier 11.5 mi  (18.51 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon No Substitute Route Any Tier 7.5 mi  (12.07 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Rocket Science Route Any Tier 8.6 mi  (13.84 km)


There are four locations available for multiplayer interceptor and most wanted events from the Memorial Valley multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Cascade Terrace East Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Cascade Terrace West Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Memorial Highway North Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Memorial Highway South Location Any Tier