The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR is a racing car developed by the performance and motorsports Mercedes-AMG division. Mercedes-Benz only created 25 road going examples were made between 1998-1999. It retains the instrumentation, front design and four headlamps from the standard production CLK.

The CLK GTR competed in the 1997 FIA GT championship season, which necessitated production of a derivative road model. The racing model was replaced by the V8 powered CLK LM in 1998.[3]

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

The CLK GTR appears in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit as a Class A car. It is unlocked after beating the Tournament mode in Expert difficulty, but cannot be used in Hot Pursuit mode.

The CLK-GTR is one of the fastest cars in the game due to its well-rounded performance comprising of precise handling, strong acceleration, and a high top speed.

Need for Speed: High Stakes

The CLK-GTR appears in Need for Speed: High Stakes as a Class AAA car and can be purchased by $500,000 in the career mode. It cannot be used in Hot Pursuit mode.

It has similar performance traits as it has in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. It can hit a higher top speed than the McLaren F1 GTR at the expense of slower cornering speeds.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

The CLK-GTR appears again Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, as a class 1 vehicle in the Gamecube, PC, and Xbox releases. It can be unlocked by earning 85,000 NFS Points and its Need For Speed Edition by 170,000 NFS Points.

In the PlayStation 2 release, the CLK-GTR is featured as a class A vehicle. It is unlocked upon completing a clean eight lap race in Single Race mode in Advanced difficulty and its Need For Speed Edition, upon accumulating 4,500,00 NFS Points.


  • The CLK-GTR is featured with the appearance of the road model in the GameCube, PC, and Xbox releases of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.
 Development - Some content may have altered during development.
  • The Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, at some point during development, could be modified with upgrades in the PlayStaton release of Need for Speed: High Stakes, along with the McLaren F1 GTR. Even though the player can not modify it, A.I. opponents will appear with the upgrade when selected with another vehicle fully upgraded.



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