The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S is a roadster variant of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition developed as part of a joint venture by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren. It went on sale in early 2009.

Need for Speed: Rivals

The SLR Roadster 722 S appears in Need for Speed: Rivals as a racer vehicle included with the Movie Pack.


It is included with either the Movie Racers Pack or Complete Movie, and is unlocked for the racer faction upon the player completing the tutorial SpeedList.
NFSRRacerIcon3 Racer Rank 1 NFSRHeatLevelIcon 2   Tech Level 2 Movie Racers Pack 
 Top Speed   7.4   8.9
 Accel   5.6   6.8
 Control   5.2   6.9
 Strength   4.4   5.4
 Durability   4.0   6.5
Wraps & Liveries (3)
x20px Aged Dragon - Purchase the Movie Racers Pack or Complete Movie Pack (10,000 NFSRSPIcon)
x20px Bleeding Skull - Purchase the Movie Racers Pack or Complete Movie Pack (10,000 NFSRSPIcon)
x20px Eight Three - Purchase the Complete Movie Pack (10,000 NFSRSPIcon)

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