Mission Beach is a region located along the southwestern coast of Seacrest County featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010). The eponymous road connects the area with Grand Ocean Coast, Hope Road, and the South Bay and Hope Canyon freeways.

It is the first region to be shown as part of the career mode with Escape to the Beach being the first racer event.

The area consists of beach houses and resorts along the road, supported by a scenic view of the mountains in the distance. A notable attraction is the amusement park on the pier, which can be reached by driving through an alternate route directly located on the beach, and fireworks will occasionally light up the sky at night in celebration.

A Hexagon gas station can be found near the eastern intersection of Mission Beach.

Career Events

There are four racer events and three SCPD events available through their respective Mission Beach nodes in career mode.

Racer Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Beauty and the Beasts Hot Pursuit Performance Series 6.4 mi  (10.3 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Shock and Awe Hot Pursuit Performance Series 10.6 mi  (17.06 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Sand Timer Preview Super Series 11.4 mi  (18.35 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Twin Turbo Duel Exotic Series 10.8 mi  (17.38 km)

SCPD Career

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Escape to the Beach Hot Pursuit Traffic Police 9.9 mi  (15.93 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Sunset Scalpel Rapid Response Speed Enforcement 10.4 mi  (16.74 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Hard to Handle Interceptor Special Response

Multiplayer Events


There are three routes available for multiplayer race, hot pursuit, and arms race events from the Mission Beach multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Escape to the Beach Route Any Tier 9.9 mi  (15.93 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Self Preservation Route Any Tier 11.0 mi  (17.7 km)
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Sand Timer Route Any Tier 11.2 mi  (18.02 km)


There are four locations available for multiplayer interceptor and most wanted events from the Mission Beach multiplayer node.

Event Type Tier Distance
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Mission Beach East Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Mission Beach West Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Sunset Drive North Location Any Tier
NFSHP2010MultiplayerLobbyIcon Sunset Drive South Location Any Tier


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