Murff is one of the Blacklist racers in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance releases of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

He is placed second on the Blacklist and he drives a Porsche Carrera GT. To challenge him, the player needs 32,200 respect points in the NDS release and 32,500 REP in the GBA release.


When this guy isn't racing, he's spinning the 1's and 2's on the local bar scene. He's cool, slick and commands respect and admiration. This guy knows how to handle a car.
— Murff's Bio


Nintendo DS

  • City Power (Time Trial Multi Lap)
  • 5th Precinct - Segment 2 (Point to Point)
  • 5th Precinct (Circuit)
  • West Village (Time Trial)
  • Challenge: Great Northern Way (Lap Knockout)

GameBoy Advance

  • Downtown Expressway (Time Trial Multi Lap)
  • Exchange District-1 (Point to Point)
  • 5th Precinct (Circuit)
  • Hillside-2, South Central-2, 5th Precinct-1 (Point to Point KO)
  • Challenge: City Power-2, City Power, Riverview, West Village (Tournament Mix)