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Nate Denver
NFSPSCrownIcon Speed King
PontiacSmallMain Pontiac GTO '65
Nate Denver is a racing driver featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet and is a member of the Boxcut racing team. He is associated with the Nitrocide racing organisation and is the Speed King. He is one of the racing discipline kings to be challenged by Ryan Cooper.

Nate drives a 1965 Pontiac GTO throughout the career and only competes in speed events. Many of his records held by other racing organisations and course locations can be beaten by the player in career mode.

Ryan Cooper is required to dominate the Nevada Highway raceday within the Nitrocide organisation before they can challenge Nate's Speed King title at the Speed King Challenge: Nevada Highway II raceday.

Image Make Tier NFSPSGripIcon NFSPSDragIcon NFSPSSpeedIcon NFSPSDriftIcon
NFSPSPontiacGTO1965NateDenver PontiacSmallMain 3 GTO '65


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