Not to be confused with Reward Cards.

Boss Bonus Cards are a series of rewards that appear in the career mode of Need for Speed: Carbon.

Boss Bonus Cards work very similarly to markers in Need for Speed: Most Wanted with the exception that players can choose from four cards with question marks instead of a selectable performance upgrade reward. Players get the choice of two from six bonus cards for defeating a crew boss.

NFSCIcon BonusCardQuestionMark

The first four cards are highlighted by a question mark icon and may contain an extra cash reward, additional impound strike marker, a get ouf of jail card, reclamation of an impounded vehicle or the pink slip to the boss's vehicle. The last two cards - Unique Part and Unique Visual Upgrade - give the player a randomly generated aftermarket part and vinyl.

Pink Slips

NFSCIcon BonusCardPinkslip

All pink slip cars are modified with several performance upgrades and aftermarket parts. The vinyls of each car cannot be modified and reapplied upon deletion, although it is possible to add more layers.

Players may select an unlocked pink slip car in Quick Race mode.

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