There are 22 Drift events in Need for Speed: Carbon that take place across various locations within the confines of Palmont City and the surrounding canyons.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCIconDrift Billings District Old Quarter, Downtown Palmont 5.8 mi 9.4 km
NFSCIconDrift City Courthouse Palmont Motor Speedway 3 mi 4.8 km
NFSCIconDrift Copper Ridge East Canyon 2.5 mi 4 km
NFSCIconDrift Deadfall Junction Carbon Canyon 4.3 mi 7 km
NFSCIconDrift Desperation Ridge Carbon Canyon 4.3 mi 7 km
NFSCIconDrift Devil's Creek Pass East Canyon 2.3 mi 3.7 km
NFSCIconDrift Eternity Pass Carbon Canyon 2.9 mi 4.6 km
NFSCIconDrift Fortuna Heights South Fortuna, Fortuna 6.7 mi 10.8 km
NFSCIconDrift Gold Valley Run West Canyon 3 mi 4.9 km
NFSCIconDrift Journeyman's Bane Carbon Canyon 2.9 mi 4.7 km
NFSCIconDrift Kimei Temple Palmont Motor Speedway 2.7 mi 4.3 km
NFSCIconDrift Kings Park Palmont Motor Speedway 2.7 mi 4.4 km
NFSCIconDrift Knife's Edge East Canyon 2.4 mi 3.8 km
NFSCIconDrift Lofty Heights Downhill West Canyon 2.9 mi 4.7 km
NFSCIconDrift Lookut Point East Canyon 2.2 mi 3.6 km
NFSCIconDrift Main Street Dirft Palmont Motor Speedway 4.3 mi 6.9 km
NFSCIconDrift Newport Ironworks Palmont Motor Speedway 2 mi 3.2 km
NFSCIconDrift Old Quarter Kings Park, Downtown Palmont 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSCIconDrift Palmont University Palmont University, Fortuna 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSCIconDrift Park Drive Drift Palmont Motor Speedway 2 mi 3.2 km
NFSCIconDrift Shady Pine Diamond Hills, Silverton 3.2 mi 5.1 km
NFSCIconDrift Starlight Strip Neon Mile, Silverton 3.5 mi 5.6 km

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