There are five Pursuit Knockout events in Need for Speed: Carbon that take place across the regions of Palmont City.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCIconPursuitKnockout Downtown (Pursuit KO) Newport Industrial Park, Kempton 6.5 mi 10.4 km
NFSCIconPursuitKnockout Fortuna (Pursuit KO) Ocean View, Fortuna 7.1 mi 11.4 km
NFSCIconPursuitKnockout Kempton (Pursuit KO) Eskuri Plaza, Kempton 7.5 mi 12.1 km
NFSCIconPursuitKnockout San Juan (Pursuit KO) San Juan 7.8 mi 12.5 km
NFSCIconPursuitKnockout Silverton (Pursuit KO) Neon Mile, Silverton 7 mi 11.3 km

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