There are 29 Sprint events in Need for Speed: Carbon that take place across various locations within the confines of Palmont City and San Juan as well as the surrounding Canyons.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCIconSprint Agostini Avenue X 4.4 mi 7.1 km
NFSCIconSprint Blackwell Bridge X 4.5 mi 7.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Chinatown Tram X 5 mi 8.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Copper Ridge X 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Deadfall Junction X 4.5 mi 7.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Desperation Ridge X 4.6 mi 7.4 km
NFSCIconSprint Devil's Creek Bridge X 2.5 mi 4.1 km
NFSCIconSprint Dover and Lepus X 3.4 mi 5.5 km
NFSCIconSprint Eagle Drive X 3.5 mi 5.7 km
NFSCIconSprint Eternity Pass X 3.1 mi 5.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Francis Tunnel X 5.6 mi 9.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Gold Valley Run X 3.4 mi 5.4 km
NFSCIconSprint Journeyman's Bane X 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Knife's Edge X 2.4 mi 3.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Lincoln Boulevard X 3 mi 4.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Lofty Height's Downhill X 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Lookout Point X 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Mason St Bridge X 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Mason Street X 7.3 mi 11.7 km
NFSCIconSprint Mesa Bridge X 2.4 mi 3.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Mission Street X 3.5 mi 5.6 km
NFSCIconSprint North Bellezza X 3.7 mi 6.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Petersburg Dam X 3.7 mi 5.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Silverton Way X 4.3 mi 6.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Spade Street X 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Starlight Street X 4.2 mi 6.8 km
NFSCIconSprint Verona Tunnel X 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Waterfront Road X 2.7 mi 4.4 km
NFSCIconSprint York Road X 3.8 mi 6.1 km

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