Need For Speed High Stakes Soundtrack Album

This soundtrack is used for Need for Speed: High Stakes. It was composed by Rom Di Prisco and Saki Kaskas.

Menu Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Rom Di Prisco Cygnus Rift 05:41
Rom Di Prisco Paradigm Shifter 03:52
Rom Di Prisco Photon Rez 02:46
Rom Di Prisco Quantum Singularity 02:45
Saki Kaskas Bulbular Swirl 03:21
Saki Kaskas Callista 02:34

Racing Music

Artist Song Title Length
Crispin Hands Bionic 03:12
Dastrix Dude in the Moon (Luna Mix) 03:10
DJ Icey Clutch 03:21
Dylan Rhymes Naked and Ashamed (Remix) 02:33
Junkie XL Def Beat 03:23
Junkie XL Fight 03:33
Junkie XL No Remorse 03:46
Junkie XL War 02:51
Lunatic Calm Roll the Dice 03:23
Rom Di Prisco Liquid Plasma 02:50
Rom Di Prisco Road Warrior 02:28
Rom Di Prisco Rock This 02:35
Saki Kaskas Amorphous Being 03:38
Surreal Madrid Insanity Sauce 03:16
The Experiment The Cost of Freedom 03:18
The Funk Lab I am Electro 02:47

Special Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Rom Di Prisco NFS High Stakes Intro 01:14
Crispin Hands, Robert Ridihalgh, Rom Di Prisco, Saki Kaskas Runnin' (Credits) 02:30